Supplier Management

You rely on hundreds (sometimes thousands) of vendors, suppliers, contractors, sub- contractors and partners to deliver the right materials and services on time and within specification to ensure safe, efficient and compliant operations.

While vendors and suppliers are required to meet various levels of quality assurance and traceability, frequently project costs and schedule are impacted by lower than expected quality performance as well as the client’s inability to identify and robustly resolve compliance issues.

EirQual supplier quality management software helps you to segment your supplier base, identify key suppliers and plan and manage to ensure that the capabilities of your suppliers are optimally leveraged.

We deliver compliance and quality management software solutions to manage, track and trend supplier qualification, supplier audits, raw material, incoming inspections, supplier non-conformance, supplier corrective actions, supplier documentation and supplier communication.

Our Supplier Management System is tailored for your specific project requirements. By setting up a web-based SaaS interface we make vendor management so much easier by allowing you to:

  • Track inspections, supplier tenders, supplier changes, supplier audits and scorecards, and inspection standards;
  • Access a controlled, secure database for engineering, quality, purchasing, marketing, customers and suppliers;
    Centrally store and share data and reports in real time;
  • Collaborate with suppliers during anomaly investigations, corrective actions and opportunities for improvement;
  • Monitor supplier improvements and change requests;
  • Integrate with supply chain software and enterprise document management systems to eliminate redundant data entry programs and manage the entire audit lifecycle for suppliers;

This system also integrates with our Audit Management software.

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