Commissioning and Start-Up Management

EirQual’s Commissioning & Start-Up Management (CSM) tool is a computerised monitoring tool to assist in the efficient execution of mechanical completion, commissioning and start-up.
EirQual CSM modules include:

  • Mechanical completion;
  • Punchlist tracking;
  • Pre-Commissioning;
  • Commissioning;
  • Ready For Start-Up (RFSU);
  • Completion & Handover.

The system allows for easy collaboration across multi-functions, disciplines and site locations through direct downloading from all main engineering registers. CSM creates automated status logging against each tag, location, weld number, cable, test pack, loop, etc., based on verified MC documentation. We have additional enhancements for extensive handling and administration of facility punch list/carry over work items. Further features include:

  • Status reporting (as graph or table) as required (by system, area, contractor, etc.);
  • Can be interfaced with contractor’s own management systems;
  • Automatic generation of all MC certificates and ability to customise to project / client requirements;
  • Integration with construction schedule and progress reporting;
  • Query system for tracking SQs / TQs / DCNs, commissioning queries, engineering data errors, etc.;
  • Develops and maintains dynamic commissioning procedures, including activities, estimates, vendor callouts, etc;
  • Scalable to meet the demands of all scope sizes either on brownfield or greenfield projects.

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