Audit Management

EirQual helps companies across various industries streamline their audit programs and manage the entire audit lifecycle for suppliers.

Our Audit Management software solution enables you to:

  • Define and manage policies and audit programs, through initiatives and tracking compliance;
  • Create business rules to easily identify newly requested suppliers and flag them to the appropriate compliance functions;
  • Leverage a systematic and workflow-driven audit process across the enterprise, suppliers, and external auditors;
  • Schedule audit workflows between your organization, the supplier, and external/internal auditors;
  • Track and manage audits and relevant documentation online through an integrated supplier/auditor partner portal;
  • Build questionnaires and supplier assessments;
  • Define follow-up actions and track their status;
  • Receive email-based notifications and alerts;
  • Gain complete visibility into the audit process and metrics for better risk management and assured compliance;
  • Roll up reports and dashboards to track compliance within, and across, audit programs;
  • Centralize all audit documentation, actions, and status information in a single repository.

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