Punch-list Coordination

Coordination of punch lists can be an arduous and labour intensive task whereby key personnel are required to follow multiple disciplines within project priorities. EirQual can provide the tools to allow coordinators to follow the overall punch list system and define priorities in line with subsystem completion.

Our database can issue daily punch list progress reports & break down reports by discipline & material for the construction superintendents, construction manager and commissioning manager
review all punch lists issued prior to submittal to database administrator. We can ensure that the field punch list form is filled in correctly and that the punch list items are properly described and pertinent to the associated system / subsystem and are legitimate with respect to project specifications, safety rules and industry practices.

Prior to sending lists to the database coordinator for registration, we can monitor and supervise the clearance of such items by the contractor and subcontractors
to make sure all punch lists from Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT’s) are cleared before Ready For Commissioning (RFC) walk down.

Our online systems makes it easy to expedite the review and signing of the completed punch lists so as to ensure the completion of the systems and subsystems in a timely manner. We can create auto-completion and populate
punch list dossiers.

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