Document & Information Management

EirQual has the expertise to establish the method and responsibilities for the overall management of all project documents, in both hard copy and electronic format, for the duration of project lifecycle and through to subsequent archiving.

We can put in place the document control procedure which will govern all document and drawing production & control as well as the project filing and document register. This procedure shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Method of controlling the receipt, distribution and issue of documents
  • The type of media to be produced and the proposed electronic indexing systems
  • Distribution matrices for internal review by category / discipline, clearly identifying those documents which are subject to Approval
  • Method of communication with government and other regulatory and/or certification authorities
  • Method of transfer of all databases and documentation to the client
  • Type and frequency of status/progress reports

The document control procedure shall be based on the client’s documentation standard. EirQual shall ensure that each sub-contractor implements document control procedures that are compatible with the above requirements.

Our Information Management team are responsible for providing technical leadership for data integration of all enterprise software including:

  • Engineering software & master consulting agreements
  • Preparation of the Engineering IT execution plans
  • Management of CAD support team
  • Scoped, planned, budgeted and management of various Engineering IT initiatives

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