Commissioning & Start-up Management

EirQual provides a well-skilled team to develop a detailed work scope and execution plan for project Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and Start-Up. We work with the Client Team to execute and manage the commissioning and start-up work in the field.

Successful execution during the Commissioning & Startup phases starts with the planning phase. The EirQual team mobilizes during detail design phase and develops the Commissioning Plan, which includes work processes, strategies, interfaces, schedules and work force requirements.

We implement a leading edge Commissioning Tracking System to coordinate task completion with punchlist management and tracking. The online Commissioning Tracking System is set up to target specific systems and sub systems in the work packages to achieve Ready For Commissioning (RFC) and Ready For Start-Up (RFSU).

Our team coordinates line walking of systems with Supervisors for punch entry / closure and we 
ensure Contractor follows up and closes out priority punches, doing a work look ahead to order missing material for priority jobs for RFC / RFSU. 
The online system has the facility to update and a filtered database in spread sheet format on a daily basis for distribution to the Plant Construction Team.

EirQual’s Commissioning & Star-Up Management (CSM) tool is a computerised monitoring tool to assist in the efficient execution of mechanical completion, commissioning and start-up.

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