EirQual can provide resources to plan and implement procedures for both internal audits and external (Supplier/Contractor/Sub-contractor) audits using trained and certified auditors. Audits are performed in accordance with the project procedures and ISO 9001, 18001 & 29001 standards where applicable.

Where required, we shall issue the corrective/preventive actions relating to audits results and shall carry out follow-up actions and distribution of relevant records. Where applicable, the report shall contain any Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) and/or Corrective Action Requests (CAR) with clear suggestions on rectifications of these items. Details of any Observations shall also be included with an Observation Reference Number (ORN) in the final Audit Report.

Observations reflect the opinion of the Auditor(s) which are included in the report as a means to highlight a concern which does not fall within the confines of the report proformas. An Opportunity For Improvement (OFI) form will be completed where there is a recognised process which requires improvement that may result in preventative action and could remove the potential for non-conformities to occur. Where Conformities are found, these shall be recognised within the report.

Our Audit Management software solution allows your organization to streamline your audit programs and manage the entire audit lifecycle for suppliers

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