Eirqual Services

EirQual offers a complete range of professional services which puts value in the hands of the client and helps you to meet your business and project requirements in delivering cost effective, schedule driven, safe and compliant results.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Shorten your implementation cycle
  • Reduce your organization’s downtime and risk
  • Deliver top-quality results to your end users in an expedited timeframe
  • Build a robust Project Management structure within a short timeframe
  • Provide hands-on mentoring to your team
  • Build a system that maximizes your investment in EirQual
Eirqual services deliver comprehensive regulatory, quality and compliance management, either as modular elements or on one platform. Our leading edge service provision does not focus solely on the ‘process’ elements of quality, such as inspection derived Deviations and Audits, but also ties in the ‘content’ elements of quality, such as SOPs, documents, and policies.

Our services help your organization to create an integrated environment for all quality activities, ensuring SOPs are updated when impacted by a Deviation or Corrective Action, all within the one regulatory record. This enables us to provide detailed trending and analysis to users, enabling them to identify trends, improve manufacturing and construction processes, and protect project schedule and integrity.

In addition to a strong base of expertise, we have experience in the development, deployment, validation, and testing of compliance systems designed exclusively for regulated environments. Our range of services include: